Monday, February 2, 2009

Quest Overload

I didn't have too much time to play LotRO this week, but I did ding 48 over the weekend. I remember the early 20's being a bit rough to get through as there didn't seem to be enough quests within my level range to do. So I worked on traits and just killed mobs over and over.

But now in the 40's I have so many quests in so many areas that my journal is full. I honestly don't know at this point where I should really be going. I have a full set of quests in Angmar, Forochel, and Misty Mountains. And now the new zone Eregion has opened up with more quests.

They seem to penalize you for not doing quests when they con an even color and the experience granted dwindles away the longer you wait to do them. For example, say I complete a level 48 quest at 48 and get 4,000 experience. If I do that same quest instead at 49, I might get only 2,000 experience for it. So it seems we should just move on to Eregion and put off or forget the others. I've only seen half of Angmar yet and haven't even been to all the quest hubs. There is supposedly some faction quests to the north somewhere. Although why I want the faction, I'm not sure. Forochel we only touched briefly on at the entrance and have tons more quests further and yet another faction. Misty Mountains I may still want to work on, as that is Rivendell faction. Rivendell is where I go for my scholarly pursuits and they have a pretty spiffy dress on their merchant, so I would like to work this one up. The options at this level are tremendous and overwhelming and we likely will just delete the majority of them.

All these factional items we're looting, given the skimpy bag space we're alotted, get to be annoying. We actually are disappointed when we loot armor, since it takes up an inventory slot that won't stack and doesn't sell on the broker anyway. So trips out in the field tend to be pretty short since we need to head back to town to sell frequently.

So where we head to next login I just don't know. So many quests!


Yeebo said...

If you don't have one yet, my personal advice would be to head to the entrance of the Mines of Moria as soon as possible and get your first two legendary items. No reason to let the next two levels of item XP from kills go to waste.

Other than that, there are a ton more quests than you will be able to do before they gray out. Just work in whatever zone you enjoy. Foreschel is one of my personal faves.

Aspendawn said...

Thank you for that tip! I am completely clueless on the legendary stuff so did some reading up. I think we need to complete some chapter before we can equip any?

We're going to head over there next for sure. Of those three Forochel was definitely my favorite. When we first entered the zone I commented to hubby that it reminded me of a national park out west.