Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moria Preparations

At the suggestion of Yeebo, we headed over to the Moria entrance earlier than we originally planned. And what sound advice that was. I hadn't really understood this whole legendary item thing and all that was involved. I also hadn't realized the prerequisites that were involved before gaining entry to Moria. I had wrongly assumed that since I purchased the expansion, I could just waltz in. But that's not the case.

I am not usually a fan of access quests. I was glad when EQ2 removed them as I just won't do them. So when I saw that I had to complete a series of epic quests just to gain access to Moria, I thought I might not see the place after all. But it turned out the whole series was soloable and enjoyable even. At level 48 though, I might have had some difficulty with certain parts. But as a duo, we had no problems.

The dwarves are intending to retake Moria and you are asked to assist them in clearing the rubble outside the door, along with several other tasks. At one point you travel back to the past to see Moria in its former glory and also witness the beginning of its destruction. I really did enjoy taking part in that. But even after completing the epic, you are still not quite ready for entry. You are given your first legendary weapon and must raise it up to level 10 first. You kill mobs to level it. Each time it levels, you receive a certain amount of points which can be spent to add class specific skill bonuses to your weapon. We finished off some quests in the area and the weapon leveled fairly quickly. We did zone inside to at least have a look around and obtained a second legendary item to level.

We were still a bit low level to be in there so we decided to finish up or clear out our quests in Angmar, Misty Mountains, and Forochel. Angmar quests were entirely deleted. The zone is bleak, as it should be. But with other options available to us, I'd rather quest in a place less oppressive. We had several quests involving Goblin Town in Misty Mountains, so we started running out there from Rivendell....and running.....and running. We had to fight through quite a bit of mobs to get to our quest objectives, so our small bags filled quickly and unlooted corpses had to be left behind. After completing the first round of quests, rather than run all the way back, we bid farewell to The Misty Mountains. My husband complained about how this game runs you to death. I understand that quicker travel would make the world seem smaller, but we are getting annoyed often at the slow travel.

I hit level 50 and now we've moved on to Forochel. I like the zone and we've got tons of quests here left to do. Once we finish this off, then it will be time to head back to Moria.


Yeebo said...

Glad that the entrance worked out for you. Turbine's design philosphy seems to be shifting towards more swift travel options that are gated behind rep. For example, travel in the Mines works just like it does in Foreschel. Lots of travel routes, and once your rep gets high enough instant travel options start opening up. I think it's a good compromise between immersion and utility.

However, that doesn't help much with the older content (e.g., Goblin Town). Travel times from the Lone-lands on really seem to turn off a lot of new players, at least based on random message board and blog ramblings.

Thallian said...

I like Forochel too :) Make sure to do some of the the forgotten fellowship quests, they are.. unusual. Also the wedding one is fun.

Aspendawn said...

Getting to Forochel was definitely expensive and involved several hubs. I saw that if my faction were high enough I'd have some swift travel options. But seems by the time my faction will be high enough, I won't be in the zone anymore.

There's a swift travel option if my Bree faction is high enough. I tried grinding the dungeon for the drops. But my faction barely moved and I just didn't want to do it anymore.

I'll keep an eye out for the forgotten fellowship quests!

Yeebo said...

I think that you will find that by the time you need swift travel within Foreschel (i.e., you are being sent back and forth across the zone rather than working one quest hub), that it will have opened up for you just by questing. Just be sure to turn in rep items that drop rather than vendoring them.

Also, be on the lookout for four areas that have daily rep quests. They have to be "flipped" to friendly for the quests to open up. Two characters is enough to flip one of the areas. They stay friendly for something like 24 hours once flipped.

The last time I worked through Foreschel, my KS took it on ourselves to keep the hubs open at all times. It was a lot of fun, and the rest of the server benefited from it for a month or so.