Sunday, May 23, 2010

Server Merges for EverQuest

EQ1 will be processing server merges beginning June 22. Twenty servers will be merged into ten. Only eight characters will be permitted on your account, so if you have characters on both servers that are merging you will need to delete some of them. The list of merged servers is here.

I was under the impression that EQ1 might actually be doing better than EQ2 since they had many more servers, but I guess that wasn't the case. As much as I'm sure they hate the impression merged servers leaves, it's definitely the right thing to do for the remaining players.


Bhagpuss said...

I am guessing that "8 characters" means "10 characters" for those of us with Station Access. It better had.

With extraordinary bad luck, Stromm is merging with Luclin, two of the three servers where I have all my character slots full. And with even worse luck, I will be out of the country for the first week of the merges, so I will miss the 7 day window for free moves. And Stromm/Luclin is first on the list. Couldn't be worse, really.

The saving grace is that my characters on Luclin are so old they are on the original account that Mrs Bhagpuss and I shared for three months before she decided to buy her own, so there may be just enough wiggle room to save everyone but a few mules.

Looks like the next few days will be spent logging in dozens of characters and redistributing my vast hordes of stuff from one bank to another. What's even more irritating is that we go out of our way to play on low population servers...

Aspendawn said...

The other half has Station Access and was wondering about that too. Can't imagine they'd take those two slots away or there will be a lot of ranting customers lol.

He's been trying to get me to resubscribe a month just to make sure I save the alts I want, but I just don't see myself going back after trying several times before.

He is having fun with mercenaries they have now. They're definitely not wimpy pets and he's soloing stuff he couldn't do before.

I used to be one who always sought out the quiet servers too. But after a couple experiences where it was just way too empty, now I try to find something more in the middle. Hate being on the most popular/populated servers.