Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vanguard, Oh Vanguard

So I was on my daily two-hour car trek yesterday. The rain was pouring and the radio was annoying. I reached in the glove compartment and pulled out the CD on top. It was the Vanguard soundtrack. A couple years ago I was able to pick up the collector's edition for a steal at $9.99, and it included the soundtrack. I absolutely love the music Todd Masten produced for Vanguard and haven't heard it for over a year.

Later in the day while visiting, I noticed page after page of players saying they are returning, forming guilds, looking for helpful information. What's with the sudden renewed interest in Vanguard?

Then I thought I'd catch up on my Massively articles and read Beau's article linking the wonderful pages players have put together for Vanguard.

Darn you all for enticing me back again. I really can't afford to take on another monthly payment right now, so stop tempting me!


Signus said...

I'm coming back too! Even though I hate what Silius did to the game, and what SoE won't do for the game, the world it so great, and its the only social MMO out there.

Aspendawn said...

Hope you have fun with it! I'm still resisting lol.

I know there's a lot of distaste for SOE and changes they've made there. But at the same time, I don't think any other company would have taken that game on in the state it was. They have made tremendous fixes since it launched. Unfortunately, it just seems that since launching the trial island didn't generate a lot of new subscribers, they've given up on adding new stuff.

But maybe that can still be turned around if they see enough new interest. Here's hoping!