Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DDO - Guild Airships!

Turbine announced their summer update will focus on an entire revamping of the guild system, including the addition of guild airships. The ships will function similar to the guild halls in EQ2, where you acquire amenities such as an auctioneer. There also will be a navigator npc that provides transportation. After the update, guilds will gain status through player actions unlocking additional amenities and rewards.

I've already been tempted to fire up DDO to see how things have progressed with all the changes this past year, but this sounds much too cool to pass up. This will be a great opportunity for guilds to gain new players, giving the unguilded a little more incentive to join up.

The spring update comes next month, which includes a bunch of nifty new dungeons. But guild airships!! I have to see that.


Thallian said...

That does sound neat. (Especially since its a game I'm already playing) I don't know why they felt they needed to have an npc navigator only instead of letting you fly them yourself. Flyff and Allods online work don't they? Still it sounds like a good addition.

Aspendawn said...

Well, maybe it's a fancy term for an npc that you click on and ask to port you to such and such. Not sure if the ship will actually be flying or how that will work. Still neat though.

Yeebo said...

Wow, neato. That's the first I've heard of it. Can't wait for more details to emerge.