Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well That Was Quick

Here I thought I would be making some gaming compromises but hubby has informed me he's lost interest and won't be subscribing to WAR after the free month is up. I kinda wish he realized this in beta before buying our two boxes.

As many have blogged about, I think WAR is a game where you get the most out of it being in a guild. I think if he had a large group to pvp with, he might have stayed longer. And having a good population is important even for pve. When we first started, it was early morning and all servers were low. So we randomly picked one. Our server choice stayed on low for days after, and there was never anyone around for public quests. So we started over on another server. Having people around definitely makes things more fun.

For my play style, I felt a little confined. Zones felt small and jam packed with aggressive mobs. The explorer in me was getting claustrophobic. And for some weird reason I'd start getting sick to my stomach after a few minutes of playing. I'm prone to motion sickness. The warg mount in EQ2 had this certain rolling movement to it that used to make me sick as well. But I never could figure out what it was that was causing it here just from general game play.

I think WAR has been done well, but doesn't offer what I'm looking for. But I've always loved Mythic as a company back when I played DAOC and cheer Mark Jacobs for his stance on gold farmers (go get 'em Mark!). So I really hope they succeed and the game continues to do well.


Thallian said...

wow, well good luck to you. I don't like the mob placement either.. cant move anywhere without have to act like a lawnmower. As far as staying in the game, I'll stay till my brothers tire of it. There's no way they'll let me just quit cuz the game isn't fun outside scenarios and rvr. (haven't tried dungeons yet)

Openedge1 said...

That was quicker than I thought, and for him to hit the wall and not seemed like a good fit for him.

But, the game alienates those who do not have a guild and that is not exactly a good sign.
I spoke on this before about the "silence" as someone called it in WAR.
There is no discussion on OOC, etc. Grouping is silent as people will come and go, and no one needs to discuss anything.
To have such an awesome mechanic for grouping, and have it alienate people to be so alone just seems out of the ordinary.

It also is a really PvP oriented game, and PvE based goodness like exploration, crafting, etc....were all after thoughts.

Well, lets us know how things go.

Did you guys ever try Age of Conan?
Try not to think about the "mature" theme, and just hop into it.
The price has been reduced in quite a few places, and as a PvE game, it really does shine.
I was worried what my wife would think of the game, and I am shocked how much she enjoys how powerful the game makes her feel.
She also enjoys how beautiful it looks.
The story line is great, and I swear this game has so many emotes it is pitiful.

But, it really depends on your needs I guess.
But, who knows...if you liked Guild Wars like we did, or like EQ2 like we did, well, then it goes to reason you may actually like AoC as well..(we so far seem to match in what games we like...)

Good luck, and take care

Aspendawn said...

The lack of ooc chat didn't bother me. I prefer that to what goes on in WoW chat. But I think once folks settle into the game a few months down the line, it will get more chatty. Everything is new and everyone is so focused on getting their stuff done. So I can kinda understand that.

We had downloaded the open beta of AoC but literally couldn't move a step from lag, even after turning everything to extreme lows, so just logged back out again. But because of the theme, it just wasn't something I really wanted to play anyway.

If I come across a free trial in the future, I'll definitely take a look again.

Anonymous said...

Age of Conan is horrible, please don't waste your money on that game.