Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vanguard Models - Finalized Version

After much complaining on the forums, the female faces were reworked to look more like their former selves. I've logged in all my characters and have to say I really can't tell much difference. They don't look worse; they don't look better. They are pretty much the same. The armor stayed the same on all but my ranger. She was in some plain full coverage armor, much like my other alts. But hers now looks like this:

It's not too bad I suppose. Also with the model update came the new Isle of Dawn, the long-awaited trial isle. New characters now have the option of starting at the home cities or here. And anyone trying out Vanguard on trial will be limited to the isle. The trial is anticipated to be available for download next week. They also graciously gave everyone four additional character slots.

I rolled a new alt to check out the new isle. I was disappointed to see my fps at 15 in spite of all the changes. So I'm not really sure why the model revamp was needed since it hasn't affected performance. But I give them credit for taking in all the feedback and putting the pretty back in the faces.

Aside from that, the bug fix list in this update was absolutely huge and filled up three pages of posts.


Scott said...

You'll need to reset or readjust your video settings at first, the patch notes even say so, because they've changed some of the settings. When I first logged in, I was averaging 15fps and occasionally down to 7fps but after resetting everything I'm back up to 35-50 depending where I am. I haven't tried the Isle yet, though.

Aspendawn said...

Yeah I saw that and did that. I changed everything to default like they recommended and then tweaked everything back down.

I never got more than 15-20 before though anyway. So it's just stayed the same.

Scott said...

Yeah the impression I had was that it may or may not give you a boost soloing, but should hopefully give better performance while grouped. Haven't had a chance to do that yet, though my DK is right in the middle of the CIS line so maybe soon...