Monday, August 25, 2008

Vanguard - Model Revamp on Test

For months I've been hearing about the model revamp they've been working on and how they're bringing back sexy. I was more interested in seeing the females, but here is an example of one of the new males:

It's okay I suppose, but my initial thought was one of an over-inflated superhero cartoon. But maybe the guys like that, so on to the females. While they've made some changes to the armor showing skin, the most disturbing change has been to the faces.

First, look at this high elf female progression. The face on the left is how it was in the early days of Vanguard. The face in the middle is what is looks like now. The face on the right is the new model currently on test server.

Here is another example comparing the Varanjar:

And again, here is the halfling from then to now:

There most definitely is nothing sexy about the new models on test, at least where faces are concerned. If anything, they have lost some femininity and prettiness and have more masculine features. And what's with all the big noses now? In some ways it looks like they used the male faces and just tweaked them.

I don't play often enough to be too bothered by the changes. They may very well help the game to run better, but not sure how receptive new players will be to these models when the trial island is soon released.


Openedge1 said...

My return was banking on these model changes.

Guess it is back to my old games now...


Aspendawn said...

The male faces are ok but it's like the female faces were either an after-thought or squeezed in at the end.

Hopefully, they will still be making some changes on test. I still play on occasion since I have Station Access but boy I'd hate to log into my characters and have them look like that.

Thallian said...

err yeah, what you said. Those don't look so good