Friday, August 15, 2008

Guild Halls - The Big Slap

Information regarding EQ2's Guild Halls was released at the Fan Faire. This has been what I've been most looking forward to for several months. But boy, oh boy has my heart sunk. Those beautiful guild halls being constructed out in the oceans of Antonica and Commonlands are for level 70 guilds only. The rest of us poor shmucks have one of the following two options:

Guild Level 30
5 Room House in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, etc.
100 pp to buy
Upkeep 1pp and 100k personal status per week

Guild Level 50
10 Room House in Qeynos of Freeport
500 pp to buy
Upkeep 5pp and 150k personal status per week

These costs are ridiculous. Only raiding guilds and those with all level 80's have the funds and status to maintain this. Our guild is level 54 and our guild doesn't generate anywhere close to that much status each week, let alone trying to come up with the platinum. Being a casual guild, we're certainly not going to start demanding that everyone grind status writs and donate all their money so we can maintain it.

As for the level 30 Guild Hall, why would one bother? You can buy that same 5-room as a personal home for mere gold. All you are gaining is having a tradeskill center, a porter, and broker there. There already is a tradeskill center and broker outside the door of most homes. Level 30 guilds do not have this sort of cash flow and status. Also, status on furniture will not count towards the weekly status as it typically does in the larger homes.

This is a huge slap in the face to the majority of guilds and if it hits live servers at these figures, Sony will be screwing up majorly. They seriously have no concept as to how much money and status a typical player generates.

This is the one feature I'd had my heart set on and what kept me playing even in times of boredom. What a sore disappointment.


Ogrebears said...

Well if it 100K total for the guild. It might not be to bad. I know most writs give over 1000 personal status. So for the guild level 50 ones, that 150 writs, if there 25 people in the guild that 6 writs a week per person. That doesn't sound to bad.

Now 500 plat to buy it.... ya that pretty high.

Aspendawn said...

Yeah but those people would all have to donate 100% percent of their status, rather than save it for a mount or other nice item.

But everyone's biggest peeve really is that we've been shown for months this great hall on an island. We'd been led to believe the smaller guilds would have their guild halls there, just with fewer rooms.

The under 50 guilds got the biggest shaft. They are getting the 5 room homes that were already there. They're just being relabeled as a guild hall and costing much more.

Openedge1 said...

Shafted again. After the loss of the skeletal revamp, and then this.
There is no way my guild could afford that, and it would take a year to get there.

SOE made a huge mistake again by giving something to a specific group of players.

Time to delete my install I guess. (Especially after hearing the next expansion would pull the "buy it all in one" and not letting us buy ONLY the one expansion)