Friday, August 15, 2008

EQ2 Expansion Speculation

Apparently, the company that operates the Russian servers for EQ2 has released information to their clients regarding the upcoming expansion. Assuming it's been translated correctly, there will be 20 new zones including Innothule Swamp and Guk. Achievement points will be increased to 200 with new class options available. Also, two more deities will be returning.

Also, these two statements:

  • Studies underground: The new system will allow quests to all those wishing to go to dungeons again, receiving a unique experience

  • Trade shrapnel: A system of points, allowing players to acquire equipment for its improvement.

  • Something got lost in the translation there as I'm not quite clear what those mean. If they are applied together, it may very well be something similar to the LDoN expansion in EQ1, where completing dungeon missions earned you points, which you could use to purchase some really nice armor.

    Not sure yet if the information is legit but it sounds plausible enough.

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