Monday, August 27, 2007

One Down, Two to Go

I finally gave up and canceled LOTRO. I had taken three weeks off while playing SWG and came back for a few hours after the most recent update. I just can't bring myself to play anymore. So many seem to proclaim this as the game for casuals, but I see it as just the opposite. If you like to raid, but would rather do it with six people instead of 40, this is the game for you. If you like to solo or play in small groups, forget getting any sort of armor upgrades. That's just part of what was bugging me. But really it's just that I had no fun, and the quests felt like a chore. I was going to try to stick it through until the housing this fall, but based on how everything else is setup, I have this sneaky suspicion it's going to be ridiculously expensive to buy and to maintain.

Two games in the news this week pretty much sealed the deal I won't be playing. I was already a bit ho hum about Age of Conan. It just seems that everything coming from the dev's mouths lately is pushing the sexual features of the game. So sex gives you a buff now? Judging from the amount of posts that have been deleted on the forums regarding this topic, they continue to attract more of the crowd I want to avoid. I'm not a prude and don't mind sexual undertones. Heck, I used to run a virtual roleplay world based on the Gor series. But I think they would have been better off to let players discover those features themselves and promote the better aspects of gameplay. These guys seem so focused on this, they come across as giggling virgins. If anything, they've alienated more adults and particularly females.

I pretty much had assumed a few weeks back that The Agency would be operating under the "pay for your loot" model after hearing Mr. Smedley discuss moving away from subscription models for future games. But now it's official. No thanks. I will never play an MMO that operates under this model. And if this is the wave of the future as he seems to think, then I guess I won't be playing much. But I honestly doubt everyone else will be joining the bandwagon anytime soon. So if you're rich, you can have all that you want, and if not.....hmm this sounds sort of like the real world which I play to get away from.

They most likely will be successful in the Asian market with this model, but it will be at the expense of the North American and European market. Yeah they'll have their elitists who can buy their way through the game, along with those who never pay for games and beg the rich guys for their stuff.

Ok time for more coffee. I'm feeling a bit cranky.....


Alex said...

Agreed, and I cannot believe there's not more on the offensive here. This new value added model of the rich survive, or at least pay for an advantage is not good. If that's the way things are moving, I also have a little problem too... let's just hope it's not a model to stay. Otherwise I guess I'll have to hang my hat in MMOs and take up Dominos :)

Aspendawn said...

I'm guessing they will likely have a lot of subscribers if the game play is reasonable because it's "free". And a good chance of being more profitable for them.

SOE doesn't usually have much more than 200,000 subscribers in their current games. Seems the free to play games have a million or more subscribers. A certain percentage of those will buy items at least equivalent to a monthly fee. A chunk of those will pay much more. And another group might pay less than the typical subscription, but it's still money they might not have gained with a subscription model.

I don't mind the approach Anarchy Online will be taking the next few months. There are certain toys they will be offering like hoverboards. As a subscriber, you will get them automatically. Those that play the game free can buy one for like $3.

Yeah I'll be with ya on the Dominos.

Heather (errantdreams) said...

I applied for the AoC beta, but having heard about the sexual details recently I'm rather unhappy that I did. Well, I never seem to get into betas anyway, so that probably won't be an issue. And if I do get in, well, I'll play a bit and then give them my feedback---my honest, loudmouthed feedback. :-P :)

When will people learn that sex != mature?! Like you I'm no prude, but what I've seen described seems more like giggling adolescent stuff than anything remotely 'mature' in nature.

Bildo said...

Good news, Heather. Danicia of PotBS says eventuall ALL applicants will be let in. So soon enough, you'll be beta-less no more!

I just came here to pimp Pirates some more, as I always do.



That is all.

Aspendawn said...

I'm in the same boat as you Heather. Never get those beta invites until it's open beta. Maybe I'm better off that way though so everything is fresh and new. They had that FilePlanet beta that could have gotten me into AoC, but I was truthful about my system specs and my sound card didn't pass the requirements.

Bildo keep pimping Pirates! Seeing your enthusiasm for this one has me hopeful.