Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Game to Cure MMO Addiction!

Spotted this recently and thought I'd share!


Cameron Sorden said...

That advertisement neglects to mention things like:

- Bills delivered straight to your mailbox! Experience all the fun of getting a job and paying them!
- Griefing abounds! Watch with glee as the government takes your hard earned money and you can't do a thing!
- Open PvP! Travel to the more tumultuous zones of the world to experience the most intense action you've ever seen! Don't forget to bring your gun.
- Hardcore mode! Only the truly hardcore need apply. In Outside, all death is permanent. This is a non-optional feature. No word yet on whether you are allowed to re-roll.

Adele said...

Eww... playing real life... lol

Alex said...

HEHE, Now that IS funny indeed!

Bildo said...

Pfft... it's over-rated and horribly imba.

free mmorpg said...

hehe nice, and good grafics :D