Friday, August 3, 2007

From Middle-Earth to Tattoine

Though I tried to focus on the fun stuff, the negatives still kept getting in my way so think it's time for a little break from LOTRO. In a way, the whole leveling process reminded me of end-game EQ but minus the awesome rewards. Most of the group quests to me are no different than hour to fill the group with just the right classes and then two to three hours muddling through elite mobs. Having only an hour and a half of uninterrupted play in the evenings and no desire for this type of play anyway, this leaves me with the Auction House to obtain my gear. Since the AH is so expensive to post items to, unless I know my item has a very good chance of selling within two days, I vendor all armor drops. And I'm guessing many others do too since there is very little to be found for sale. At level 39, I am still in level 21 pants.

So with my class trainer having no skills to offer after level 40 and there being no items to save up for, there's just nothing to look forward to. The Evendim expansion to me was a bit disappointing. It was supposedly the expansion with solo quests to get you through the 30's. More than half of the solo-designated quests were not soloable at all. Unless you are a class that can handle four to five mobs on you at once, you really need a friend or two to get these done. The zone is so dense with mobs, you can't take three steps in any direction without being ganged up on.

But anyways, being the glutton for punishment that I am, last night the other half and I resubscribed to SWG. I had Station Pass several months ago and had retried SWG for just a few hours. It was so unfamiliar to how it used to play, it was really hard to get back into. But my husband's been mentioning it often so here we go again. I only just logged in briefly this morning on the Bria server. My chat screen was immediately filled with spam from four afk players advertising their gold selling websites. I could not believe how blatant they were about it. This would not be tolerated in EQ2 so not sure why SOE is permitting it here. I've gotten tells and mail messages in other games but to be standing in the center of town shouting?

Ah well, I still intend to give it a fair shake. I at least want to level high enough to get out of Tattoine and onto prettier planets. If anyone is currently playing, please let me know!


Keen said...

Wow that is really bad if they are standing there afk advertising. I've had brief lapses of judgement and almost resubbed to SWG but the future games coming out have kept me at bay. I love SWG (first year it was out) and I think I would miss how it WAS too much to play it how it is.

Aspendawn said...

Yeah I can't believe this goes unchecked. It leads me to believe they've given up on SWG and are putting forth minimal effort to keep it going. Really leaves a bad impression for someone new when that's the first thing you see upon logging in.

I had picked Bria because I heard it was one of the busier servers. Think I might give some other servers a try to see if they have the same situation there.

Adele said...

Good luck with SWG!

Keystone said...

Bria was always one of the busier servers, but I liked Bloodfin due the the community, which of course is probably all but evaporated - pun intended ^^

Anyways, let us know how it turns out, I might resub someday, but for now I'm enjoying my old UO account, heh.

Aspendawn said...

Bloodfin is usually showing up has heavy population, but haven't played there so not sure how the community is now.

I had logged in to various servers for only a day about six months ago. From what I can tell so far, things have picked up since then and the population seems to be growing.

Going to give it a few more days yet to let you know what I really think of it all.