Friday, August 6, 2010

News from SOE Fan Faire

As most were expecting, the next EQ2 expansion will be Destiny of Velious and releases February 8. I'm crossing my fingers it's not a bunch of snowy islands high up in the sky with some sort of snowdrift-type hover board transport. The expansion will include EQ2's first flying mounts.

The EQ1 expansion releases in October and includes player housing!! Woohoo! Not that I'm playing, but maybe I'll have a look. :)

And they released some concept art for EverQuest Next, which you can find here.

DC Universe Online releases November 2. Not something I have an interest in personally. Just not into the comic books. But pre-ordering supposedly gets you a lot of free goodies.


Bhagpuss said...

My god! Player housing in EQ!!!

I voted for it in the login poll but I never in a million years expected it to happen.

I bought the expansion before last just for Mercenaries and I'll be buying this for the housing. The one inbetween that was just high-level stuff will thus be the only EQ expansion I don't own (except it'll probably be bundled in withthe new one so I'll end up with it anyway).

Velious! Yay!!! Another great piece of news, although no surprise this time. Unlike last year's horrible shock when it turned out to be Odus, which made me unsubscribe my SA account for the first and only time (re-subbed 6 months later, though).

Despite denials I still firmly believe they meant to do Velious last time but got pushed off-track by some unknown force within Sony.

Have they confirmed once and for all yet whether DCUO is going to come under Station Access? God only knows where I am going to find the time to play all this stuff...

Yeebo said...

Wow, player housing after all this time. Neato.

Aspendawn said...

Not very exciting to hear only two overland zones for Velious. So seems another small expansion, but most were kind of expectating that again.

Yeah really surprised they'd add housing after all these years. My hubbies like you Bhag. He only bought the expansion with the mercs and he's had a lot of fun with it. And he voted for housing too but never really expected anything would come of it.