Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Greener Pastures of Aerrevan

There have only been a few MMO's where I involved myself in the forums prior to or even after the game's launch--Vanguard, Alganon, and more recently Aerrevan. I'm typically not much of a forum poster. But when the community is smaller and new, it's not so intimidating to be joining in and adding your own voice and opinion. So it was a pleasant surprise to find myself not so alone over there when someone I'm familiar with from Alganon read my blog and posted over at the Aerrevan forums. And then more came. She in turn spread the word to other displaced Alganites, and each day I've seen another one or two familiar names show up there as more continue to trickle in.

And then I started thinking (yeah I know...uh oh). I wondered what the motivating factor was for our interest in Aerrevan. We don't know enough to really say it's the game itself. Considering we've all come from Alganon, it's likely we all have a common interest in a smaller gaming community. Although I've never held a conversation with many of these players, there's a certain familiarity after months of reading their posts and seeing them in the chat channels in game. And with a smaller community, there's often a keener developer interaction both in the forums and in game, further cementing that community bond. It has a very cozy feel to it and is what kept many playing Alganon despite all the problems.

Hopefully, the good people over at Aerrevan and its established community aren't feeling invaded upon as the migration continues. We're just looking for a friendly place to hang our hats for hopefully a long while.


Jergis said...

-I truly hope more migrate and you get the community you deserve.

Jergis, who doesn't go back to a restaurant where the manager sends a personal rude message to him no matter how good the food is.

Aspendawn said...

I'm with you on the restaurant. They just posted on all the new stuff coming next update. But I just can't go back under these circumstances. And looks like I may not get a refund either.

Elmarolly said...

Thank you for the heads up on this game. I hope that this indie company learns from QoL mistakes.

Take care and have fun

Yeebo said...

I'll be interested to read your impressions once you get going in it.