Friday, April 9, 2010

Alganon - Civil Action Filed

Per David Allen:

In an effort to enhance Alganon’s® market visibility and following the direction of certain investors, QOL hired Derek Smart as a consultant on December 3, 2009 to assist in the area of sales and marketing. Soon thereafter, and for reasons unbeknownst to me, Mr. Smart began a smear campaign attacking my credibility, first privately among the investors, and then publicly. As many have read on various Internet websites, Mr. Smart has made disparaging remarks concerning my professional work and comments that could lead others to question my loyalty, honesty, and ability to successfully create, build, run, and manage a multi-million dollar MMOG development company; something I have been doing successfully for over four years. Please be aware that Mr. Smart’s comments are false and that I have filed a civil action against him in Maricopa County Superior Court for his defamatory conduct, among other things. I have been advised by my legal counsel to offer no further comment at this time on this matter during the pendency of the litigation.

I've read the entire complaint which covers Smart's scheme to infiltrate and take over Quest Online, Allen's unlawful removal in violation of the Operating Agreement, and Smart's false and defamatory statements which has caused irreparable damage to Allen's career. I think the defamation went to extremes so I hope he at least gains some compensation for that. A very interesting read and I wish him much luck.


Jergis said...

-Some of it is hot air but the crux of his effort here is in the motion for declaratory judgment. Mr. Smart is posting on mmorpg and massively in response (and calling things 'legal briefs' that are not, in fact, legal briefs) but i doubt he realizes that.

If he is able to win that one, the entertainment will go into overdrive. At this stage, though, there is no happy ending for Alganon players and QOL employees.

Jergis, who cannot access the Aerrevan site at work now that IT is back from vacation

Aspendawn said...

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle I guess, but the whole thing seems fishy and underhanded.

Still can't grasp why they brought in someone with no successful mmo who has chased customers away in the past to help market Alganon. Just makes no sense from a business standpoint.

But yeah I see no happy ending here for Alganon.

Bhagpuss said...

I still have no idea how the mysterious venture capitalists that Derek Smart is out to "save" are going to recoup the millions they have spent so far. There seems to be no prospect whatsoever of Alganon ever gaining more than a few thousand players, even at the most optimistic reading of the situation.

Vanguard, a superb MMO once the bugs were finally squashed, which sold 200,000 boxes and had a huge corporation behind it, probably has barely 5000 players thanks to its disastrous launch. If Sony couldn't turn that around, how Derek Smart is going to make Alganon profitable is beyond me.

Old Tom said...

My gravy .. the eternal recurrence, de ja vu and all that ..

Derek Smart arrives, law suits follow. I'm only surprised that he is not the one filing them. But no doubt he'll fire back with one of his. He'll use the forums no doubt as a platform to proclaim his rectitude and punish any who question him.

Vintage Smart ...

Wilhlem2451 said...

Well, you must admit, QOL certainly struck gold on that "market visibility" point.

@Old Tom - Derek Smart only threatens lawsuits. Follow through is not his thing... but some of his past games might have made this obvious..

Yeebo said...

The whole thing seems like a huge CF to me. The "mysterious venture capitalists" may as well have set their money on fire, as far as I can tell. And I have to agree whith Bhagpuss, what in DS's past made them think he was the man to turn the ship around? He has next to zero MMO experience, and a reputation for horrifically bad community relations. That makes him the man for the job how?