Friday, January 15, 2010

Lag-Free in STO

I'm coming across so many posts and blogs regarding lag and stuttering in STO and I have to wonder why I'm not experiencing this. With my very mediocre system, I can't play Vanguard, AoC, or even LotRO without lag issues, but have had absolutely none in STO.

Missions have been a lot of fun and with open beta being much more populated than closed, there's pretty much always someone auto grouped with me when I enter an instance. I've met and spoken with more players in a few days here than I have in six months in most other MMO's.

STO is not without issues though. The first couple nights, the server was so overwhelmed that I was experiencing too many disconnects to bother. And there was one instance I've come across so far that wasn't functioning. The last couple days the server definitely seems to be behaving better and I've had no disconnects.

Similar to LotRO, they are offering a lifetime subscription deal. A bit too steep for me at this point and still not sure if it will be as fun six months from now. But for now, I'm having a blast.


Julie Whitefeather said...

I will probably go for the one year deal...the lifetime is a bit steep. I haven't had most of the problems that others have spoken about with lag, perhaps my connection is very good. I am having a great time with both the Feddie side and the Klingon side.

Julie Whitefeather

Anonymous said...

Given that the core engine is the same as for Champions, one of the "lag" problems may be that people have too up to date graphics drivers.

In Champions the game had (still has) issues if you had the latest Nvidia drivers for example, but if a few months old driver release was used, it worked fine.