Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Quieter Around Here

While Alganon has always had a small player base, I logged in last night and there were 13 players on my faction's side. Considering even fewer people play the ugly faction, I'd be surprised if there were more than 20 people on.

With Star Trek Online being much more fun, I've been logging in less and less. I ran out of quests in Alganon at around level 44 so have been grinding the last five levels. I don't object to some grinding if only I had more places to go and see. I've been killing the same mobs in the same zone for all these levels. There is one other zone I suppose I could alternate the grind. But for some reason, whether by design or an oversight, chests don't drop at all there. So if I'm going to grind, I at least want to make a little money while doing it.

I've been sitting at 49 for awhile now, logging in now and then to kill more of the same mobs. There's really no reason to hit 50 any time soon. I've tried some alts, but with only four classes total, the other three classes just haven't been much fun. Dungeons are supposedly coming. They've released some screenshots of them this week. But considering no mobs were visible in any of the screenshots, I'm guessing this is still a long while off yet.

So I'm logging in mostly for the wonderful people in guild and the community in general. A very poor reason to stick around I know. But I keep hoping more and better stuff is on the way.


Thallian said...

I wanted to try out Alganon myself after you told me about it but thanks to the problem described here:

I haven't. Still If they go free to play I'd check them out at a moment's notice. And they'd prolly up their revenue stream and customers by 10 fold like DnDOnline has.

Aspendawn said...

The minute a game goes free to play is when I stop playing. They bring in the worst communities and it's the community keeping me here. And they are one of the cheapest mmo's out there right now. I think it's $19.95 for the game and $9 a month.

And honestly don't know what they could offer in a cash shop at this moment. Other than the mounts, there's just no fluff at all in game.

Thallian said...

Hmmm. Extra class maybe? or race? I dunno, those sell pretty well, so does optional content modules. Being Free to play does bring in all the non-english speakers. But some of them are pretty nice, I dunno. There's plenty of bad people with money and plenty of nice people without any, especially kids.

Anyways I agree 20 bucks isn't too bad is it only available in Brick and Mortar stores or is it also available via download?

Aspendawn said...

Only through download actually. No boxes.