Friday, June 20, 2008

In spite of the Living Legacy whining...

...which can be found here, from what I am seeing, this promotion has been very effective in bringing in players to both EQ and EQ2. We have gained more than 15 new players to the guild in the past two weeks and more servers are showing as heavy load.

A few guild mates wanted to get together in EQ1 on a weekly basis. We planned to hook up after picking up some items in the tutorial; however, the tutorial has been so full of players that it's been difficult to get the quests done. While there were a few decked out twinks plowing through, the majority of us were naked noobs.

So it seems both games are benefiting. I think SOE's timing on this was great. Many are in an MMO slump anyway so figure "what the heck; it's free." I had recently gotten a free weekend of play for LotRO, but it was such a short period that I just didn't bother. But give me two months free in many of my past MMO's and I'm likely to play. Also, school is out and although both games typically have an older player base I'm sure there are kids now playing as well.

SOE took quite a bit of heat from unhappy loyal subscribers who felt a bit left out. And understandably so. Heck the returning players even got that baby dragon that I've been wanting for years. But putting it all in perspective, the promotion is only just beginning and I'm sure the veterans have some goodies on the way as well (at least I hope so!). And really it's good for the health of both games.

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