Friday, June 6, 2008

Anticipating Guild Halls

My husband has a tendency to fall over cliffs. It's a trait he carries over from MMO to MMO. And such was the case in Vanguard last evening. We were off roaming the countryside looking for something to kill. We came across a bugbear encampment and began to rid the menace from society. We were looting some items designated as quest pieces and also noticed some captured fairies within the encampment. Surely there must be some small outpost somewhere that gave out quests for this place. The map showed nothing, so off we went looking.

We walked close to a cliff's edge and true to form, over the side he went. Dutiful wife that I am, down I went. Like many current MMO's, slopes in Vanguard are usually impossible to climb. The mountain looked steep as far as we could see, so we decided to explore this level of terrain. There was a fast flowing stream for us to cross. The stream ended at a waterfall which plunged into the ocean quite far down below us. My husband swam in intending to cross, but the current swiftly carried him down and over the waterfall he went. I crossed further upstream and successfully made it across. Oh well. Back in I went and down the waterfall I went.

We swam for a small island ahead. It was devoid of life, so after checking our map for the next closest land mass, we swam some more. Land and trees started coming into view and we spotted something that looked like a castle from the distance. So we headed that way to inspect. What we came upon was a housing area, and that castle was actually a guild hall.

The guild halls are quite impressive from the outside. One of them was open to the public and it was huge inside. While pretty; however, they didn't seem to serve any purpose that I could see.

Sometime last year EQ2 devs mentioned that guild halls were in the works. To date, no time frame has been given. After the patch last month, I noticed that new guild hall permissions were added to guild rank settings. So hopefully they will be arriving soon. We've been pumping out status quests as much as we can to both level the guild and accumulate status. I can only assume that the higher level the guild, the more options there will be available in the halls. But I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've come up with.


Anonymous said...

Yeh the guild halls are mainly for storage, but hopefully they will add more options soon. Some guilds have events and stuff in them, which is great because they are so large.
And next time you are swimming somewhere, holler at me, the name on the Xeth server is Rikoo Rakoo. I'll come pick you up in my boat!

Host of Voyages of Vanguard

Thallian said...

I love guild halls! I was so happy when they added them to lotro, good for vanguard! Btw I like to jump off cliffs too and so does my whole family. They should make a cliff jumping mini game or something, itd be awesome.

Thallian said...

err EQ2 I mean

Aspendawn said...

I may just do that Rikoo! We've been on Halgar which is a bit empty and I've been avoiding Seradon since everyone seems to be going there lately. We did start a couple new alts on Xeth to get a feel for the server so we'll see how it goes.

hehe Thallian. I have this real life fear of heights that carries over into games. Sounds silly I know but my stomach spins if I have to climb across some narrow ledge.