Wednesday, May 9, 2007

LOTRO Grouping Woes, Etc.

While I am really enjoying many aspects of LOTRO, my grouping experiences so far have been horrendous. I've met a lot of nice people but the majority seem to have this “every man for himself” attitude and just go charging into camps of elite mobs with disastrous results. I'm finding myself longing for a game with few quests at all, where you spend an hour or two with the same group of people and from level 1 you begin to learn what group setup and tactics work best for different circumstances. But I know that's unrealistic. No one will make that style of game anymore.

I'm sure I'll still be playing for awhile yet though. I like the setting and I even like my minstrel, which is a rare thing for me. I often play healers with my husband's warrior type, but usually don't enjoy the role very much and play some sort of dps/hybrid class on the side. But I think I'll be avoiding the group quests for just a bit.

I'm curious to see what they will be able to offer as far as housing goes. What I would really hope for is that there might be something similar to DAOC where you would have a vendor at your home, eliminating the ridiculously high auction house fees. It's gotten to where I'm vendoring most items rather than pay the high fees and risk the item not selling at all. They charge you a fee to place the item, and then charge another fee if it sells. Talk about double dipping.

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