Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Player Housing in FFXIV?

I missed this article from a few weeks ago, particularly this snippet:

Mr. Tanaka mentioned that players would be able to create and join groups called "Companies." Similar to player guilds in other games, Companies can themselves "level up," presumably offering additional benefits to the members therein. When asked if Companies would have shared housing or other group-owned assets, they smiled and said that players would have real-estate to call their own, but "weren't ready to announce anything more at this time" - sounds like a "yes" to me!

Since it was lumped in with a discussion on guilds or "companies" as they call them, not sure if this will be in the form of guild halls, player housing, or maybe both. For an MMO scheduled to release in a couple months, they certainly are tight-lipped. But maybe that's not a bad thing. Sometimes we tend to do so much reading and studying up prior to release that there are no surprises. My past vacations tended to be like that. I spent all year looking up information, seeing pictures, and planning everything out, that by the time I got there, I felt like I'd already seen everything. Here's hoping FFXIV has some amazing surprises.


Yeebo said...

It's really surprising to me how little we know about this game. Still, not hyping it into orbit is probably not a bad thing. Look what that did for WAR.

Aspendawn said...

The hype at least sells the boxes I guess. But I guess FF has enough of a name for themselves and established player base that they probably don't need to do much. Just not sure how many new players they'll be grabbing.

Pai said...

Oh, player housing! ...I've been looking for a MMORPG for a while now that has nice housing options. This has actually piqued my interest in FFXIV. =)