Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 Excitement

It's always exciting to see and hear the new stuff coming from E3. Most of you are probably already on top of what's going on there, but for those wanting all the details, there's a live stream at IGN, as well as continuous updates at E3Feed.

SW:TOR released a pretty amazing trailer. While I'm still not sold on playing this one and the trailer isn't in-game footage, it was really well done and worth a watch. Rift: Planes of Telara also just released a trailer. I'm already a bit excited over this one and the trailer only reinforced that. And finally, Final Fantasy XIV released a trailer as well. After having seen the other two, this seemed a bit boring and was a disappointment. Definitely nothing in the video inspiring me to play. But still going to keep my eye on this one regardless.


Yeebo said...

I hate to admit it, that FF trailer got me pretty jazzed. I am a very big fan of the older FF games (FF 10 on back), and that trailer did a good job at conjuring up some of those subconscious associations. On the second viewing it seemed to come down to camera angles, lighting effects, and character reactions that evoked scenes from earlier games I adore.

As an aside, my vote for most awesome recent trailer goes to the one for the new Deus Ex game. Holy cow is it ever intriguing.

Aspendawn said...

I guess since I never played it I had no nostalgia to draw on. Actually, I tried to play it but the controls were just too annoying for me to get the hang of.

Haven't even looked at any of the non-mmo trailers. Will have to go have a look at Deux Ex!

Jergis said...

-I have to admit, against my better judgment i'm starting to board the hype train for SW:TOR.

Was a fan of Galaxies as it let me play in a universe and setting i've loved for *mumble*30 years*mumble*. I don't care if the gameplay is lackluster(never said that before) if the worlds are big enough to explore and the crafting is robust and the new ships are...

I'm getting goosebumps.


Aspendawn said...

SW:TOR's been pumping out some pretty nifty stuff. The player ships look really neat. Absolutely loved those movies over 30 years ago (cough). Still can remember being completely amazed having seen nothing like that before on the big screen. Loved hearing the music from the film in SWG (ah what could have been).

Rift I'm still hearing nothing about except from their own website. And caught some hands-on reviews of FFXIV which weren't so flattering because of the outdated controls. But maybe they'll still address that.