Monday, January 19, 2009

Wheel of Time MMO

Red Eagle Games has announced that they will launch and operate an MMO based on the world and characters of Wheel of Time. Electronic Arts will be handling distribution. Red Eagle also is partnering with Universal Pictures to produce at least three films based on the series.

The first few books in this series are some of my absolute favorite reads. I was so enthralled by it at one time, that I had recreated Tar Valon and a few other WoT places of interest back when Active Worlds was a bustling place.

I'm not sure what sort of classes they can create aside from Aes Sedai and their Gaidin, but I'll certainly be keeping my eye on how this MMO progresses. The movies I'm not so sure about. Aside from LotR, it seems fantasy films are never done particularly well. So not getting my hopes up too much there.


wilhelm2451 said...

I am just concerned with the question "Who the heck is Red Eagle?"

As far as I can tell, they merely own the rights to all film/game licenses for Wheel of Time, but are not actually a game developer in actual fact.

Aspendawn said...

Yeah, they were a production company who only recently opened a game division specifically for WoT from what I read. So they have the funding, but guess it depends on who they hire to see if they can pull it off successfully.

Thallian said...

It'll be interesting to see what becomes of this, thanks for the news Aspen :)