Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carebears vs. PvP'rs - The Final Showdown

Errmm ok not really. But the developers of Crusades sure seem to think so. Here's a snip from a recent interview:

"Carebear players might form large guilds in order to protect their cities. We all know how much time they spend crafting. Thus, they will most likely have the best crafted items which the PvP'rs will enjoy looting (if they can) and that will force the Carebears to unite and fight, or perhaps hire the best PvP'rs to fight. Within an infinite universe setting, confrontations for territory and resources may escalate into major battles between the two player-styles. The current speculation is that PvP'rs may not survive. PvP'rs need to work with the Carebears to obtain the best weapons, planetary defenses, and spacecraft, and Carebears won't tolerate being attacked everywhere they go. Thus we have a potential Yin & Yang per say, where Carebears vs. PvP'rs could develop into a final showdown. Personally I think it is long overdue, and it could make for some interesting gameplay. But only the players may answer the question as to who would win."

Since when does carebear = crafting? They are correct though about one statement they made. As a card-carrying member of my local Carebears Union, it is true that I will not tolerate being attacked everywhere I go. However, my solution to that is not to unite and fight or hire someone to fight for me. It's to not play in the first place.

Aside from the PvP, they do have some interesting elements, some of them reminiscent of pre-NGE SWG. It will be a player-based economy, there will be player-run cities, and rather than levels it will be a tier-based skill system. Similar to Guild Wars, there will be one server and you will be able to hire NPC henchman. Release date currently planned for 2009.


Lars said...

I don't think the word carebear means what they think it means.

Aspendawn said...

Hehe would have to agree. Although I'm not sure what they think it means other than crafter.

Loredena said...

I'm a carebear casual player who loves to craft. I actually tried Pirates of the Burning Sea because there economy fascinated me. I didn't make it much more than a month before I gave up on it, due to the all-encompassing pvp.

Aspendawn said...

There have only been a couple games where I've gotten into the crafting--EQ2 and SWG. In EQ2 they made the leveling process a little more interesting than most plus you can help the guild level as you do it.

In SWG, while the leveling process was a chore, I just loved the whole merchant/shop setup and loved managing my store there.

I would think in Crusades most of the crafters will be the PvP'rs as I just can't visualize many non-PvP'rs playing it just so they can craft.