Friday, May 2, 2008

Speaking of Vanguard...

The Age of Conan forums over at are reading nearly identically to Vanguard's forums last year. "The game runs terribly!" "You do realize this is still beta don't you? It will be great in a couple weeks." blah blah blah

Being a Fileplanet member, I spent two nights downloading AoC. Only saw black screens when I attempted to log in last night. Finally made it in this morning with my resolution at lowest setting and all graphic settings as low as they can go. Knew I was in for trouble when I had lag and delays at character creation. Five minutes after hitting play I still wasn't in so cleaned house for awhile. Finally logged in and couldn't move. Took a couple steps....freeze....a couple more steps....freeze. Seeing as everything was cut down to minimum, world was just a blur. Logged out and deleted game. I could almost hear my computer rejoicing at gaining more breathing space.

Performance is worse than Vanguard ever was. Yeah they may optimize it some but doubtful it will be playable by the majority of gamers.


Kanthalos said...

I take it you are using the same computer that you play(ed) Vanguard on? If that's the case, I can't believe you can't run AoC. I've been reading this quite a bit today, though. It sounds like they are having some compatibility issues with graphics cards/processors or something, because a lot of the computers that are having issues are respecable to ridiculous (in a good way.) Funcom, if your system requirements are more outrageous than EQ2 or Vanguard were when they came out, and even computers that should be able to play it can't, you're in for a world of hurt. Then again, "You do realize this is still beta don't you? It will be great in a couple weeks." ;) Only time will tell, but I'm leaning towards "not a chance."

Aspendawn said...

Yeah I got this computer last year specifically in hopes of playing Vanguard because my other one wasn't cutting it. It didn't run it well in beta then but nowhere near like this. This was more like when I tried to beta Vanguard with my 512 mb. Heck I could even play EQ2 with my 512 (well as long as I didn't go into Qeynos).

Bildo said...

To be fair, they did (stupidly) give the OB an old client that runs like crap from months ago.

The closed beta is far ahead. I know it's easy to take this with a grain of salt, but trust me.

I'd definitely try it again when they open up the FFA PVP stuff on the 10th.

The client they're using then should be in better shape.

I love this game, and I don't love piles of poop. :)

Aspendawn said...

Well I don't pvp so the open ffa is out for me.

I expect lag and bugs in beta, but if I'm only getting 1-5 fps on the lowest possible settings, I don't expect to get much more than 10 at release. And I just won't play at those settings.

Really I only gave it a try because I'm a Fileplanet member. Because of the pvp focus and a couple other things, it wasn't an MMO I intended to try. As long as someone is enjoying it, no game is a pile of poop :)

Have a feeling I'll be sticking around EQ2/Vanguard for quite awhile yet, given the upcoming releases.

Thallian said...

hey Aspen just wanted to let you know Hey I'm doing a vote/contest on my blog of bloggers' favorite game for 2008, closing at the end of this month. Then I'll post the results and/or send them to you also if you would like.
Please come vote :) and please email me too and let me know what you picked just cuz I'm curious I wont tell no one :)

Aspendawn said...

Okay will do! Hmm that's a tough one. I'm not really anticipating any of them. But of those you have listed, the only one that I would even consider possibly buying is Warhammer.