Monday, February 11, 2008

Epic Completion - A First For Me In Their World

Epics always eluded me in EQ1 and with the recent implementation of epic weapons in EQ2 for adventurers, I realized once again it will be unobtainable for me.

However, along with the adventure epics, EQ2 also added crafting epics. Having a level 80 Provisioner, this was something I couldn't pass up attempting. I have to say I think this has been very well done as this turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. For anyone that remembers crafting in EQ1, there will be some nostalgia as you come across characters and items that will be very familiar.

Fortunately, also being a level 80 Adventurer and having completed Kunark, my faction was already high enough to begin the quest. My journey took me into two dungeons where I was having to sneak around and dodge level 100 mobs. My palms were sweating and I was a nervous wreck! Surprisingly, I suffered only one death.

The final step granted a recipe specific to your crafting class and involved gathering an item from each of the other crafting classes. Since the items needed are no-drop, EQ2's crafting commission system must be used. This involves the crafter targeting you and opening up a special window while they craft. You drop the required items into the window and the finished product appears in your inventory. So there is no buying items off the broker as they must be made specifically for you.

I was a bit concerned about having to find all the crafters to complete this, but many pulled together and formed a crafting raid at a neutral location. Many stayed for hours even after they had completed theirs to help others. The final reward was an earring and class-specific cloak and here they are!

Yep that's a rolling pin and spoon on the back!

My only other crafter that is 80 and able to begin the quest is my Carpenter. Her adventure level is only in the 40's; however, so she will take a little longer as I have to raise faction with the appropriate Kunark faction. But I really look forward to doing this again!

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