Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Random Stuff

PotBS - NDA is lifted and lots of reviews to be found. Not a bad game at all and definitely a change of pace from current offerings, but not everyone's cup of tea. And that is how it turned out for me. I didn't enjoy flying ships in SWG and even less so enjoyed the ship combat here. Guess I'm a landlubber at heart. Unfortunately, the land options weren't fun for me either, so I'll be passing on this one.

STO - "I personally think that MMOs need to be a better deal. Paying $200/year is a good deal for some but I don't think that is sustainable for the category and certainly rules out a lot of people who don't have the time to get enough value out of that expense." Ok I see where this is heading now. Removed this game from my radar.

Zuroth Online - This was the game that sounded very much like pre-NGE SWG and had many vets excited. That is, until they released this statement a couple weeks ago:

"One of the main things that plague an indie developer is time, money, and developers. Currently our goals are set very high (which isn't always a bad thing) but what we currently have planned is a very, very, very big undertaking (infact though any mmo is a big undertaking, what we're going for is even bigger). This leads to not enough time and it scares away potential developers.

What we're going to do to alleviate this problem is pretty simple - scale it down. Scaling it down will require many sacrifices that you all are probably here for and are expecting (all the prior SWG people especially).

So what are a few of the changes?

- Sandbox status is gone. We're moving to a more stream lined game.
- Move to a Leveling System

Some other features are getting changed to fit with the above. But... This doesn't mean we're going to become a carbon copy of what's already out there - we're pretty sure we're going to have some unique, and fun features that todays MMO's seem to have forgotten about..

Also I'd like to apologize to all the people out there expecting another SWG Pre-CU. It's just not possible with an Indie team... But you have my word if we ever get into a position where we can make a Pre-CU like game we WILL in a heart beat. But, right now we're going to work on the game, and hopefully make a game a few people would enjoy playing."

Citadel of Sorcery - Another MMO in very early stages. Will be keeping an eye on this one to see how it progresses.


Pai said...

I was also really excited about PotBS, but then when I played it a bit in the open beta, I found it really wasn't my style of game. =/

It's very well done, and I love the ships and the economy mechanics, but that's not enough to get me to play it -- I just prefer seamless worlds to explore, instead of instancing to this degree.

So far, only Chronicles of Spellborn is still something I'm looking forward to. I hope it turns out to be something I like, as I'm getting kind of tired of WoW. =/

Aspendawn said...

I had a feeling I wouldn't like PotBS because of the PVP focus but thought maybe I'd still enjoy the PVE side. But it was too confining for me among other things.

CoS I had been looking forward to for a very long time because it seemed like something different. But when they stated it would be quest based and you would get very little experience from grinding and also that you would need to venture in open PVP zones in order to advance, I put this one aside. I don't want PVP forced on me and really hate having to quest.

So as of now, there's really nothing I'm looking forward to. I might try Warhammer because there seem to be some fun aspects there, but no plans to play any of the others.