Sunday, September 30, 2007

RPG Posters

In case anyone might not have seen this website yet, have a look at RPG Motivational Posters. Here's some of my favorites:


Bildo said...

Rogue Mouse = WIN. :)

The star trek one is up there, too.

Aspendawn said...

The mouse was just too cute hehe.

I wasn't sure if some wouldn't get the Star Trek pic and I was just showing my age with that one. I have a couple other Star Trek pics from that site I put on my desktop from time to time. Funny stuff.

Bildo said...

I think there was even a joke on family guy about the "death of the ancillary characters" on Star Trek.

Something akin to Kirk selecting, Bones, Spock, himself, and Richie Adams to go down to the terrible man-eating worm planet.

Very funny geek humor. :)